1. here’s a little still from the video I’ve been working on during my residency on Toronto Island

  2. Quiet and still studio (at Artscape Gibraltar Point)

  3. I think I might be living in a green house. (at Artscape Gibraltar Point)

  4. Distance is only relative (at Ward’s Island)

  5. finally back in the studio!!! At an artist residency on Toronto Island called Luminous Bodies (http://luminousbodies.com/). It concentrates on exploring the heterogenous human body. I took some experimentation shots this morning. Exploring and researching ideas of whiteness and the erasure of identity (white washing, assimilation) in relation to my Mohawk ancestry. Using red vs. white as a contrast between these two parts of my identity as seen on the medicine wheel, where the Iroquois, Six Nations people are represented by red and the European colonials would represented by White. Coincidentally afterwards I realized the colours also reminded me of the Canadian Flag….

  6. at Britania Beach,Ottawa

  7. Park life

  8. a part of my “as defined by” series. 

  9. I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging or personal work all that much. there has been a lot of things interrupting it, such as work (trying to save money to travel), and our new van. Here he is! 

  10. Sneak peak: a cute and playful summer engagement shoot with Michelle and James and their daughter Portia. Photos will be up on the blog soon. - S

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