1. October 2013
    Medium Format 400ISO film

    Another preview into some of the work I am doing. This is a self-portrait assignment that me and my partner are doing together. The process goes like this: first I took a roll of self-portriats on medium format film and then I wound the film up and gave the camera to my partner, who reloaded the film and shot a roll of self-portraits of himself over top of mine. I wanted to explore the way that we look at female and males bodies in photography, how men and women look at themselves, and how portrayals of bodies differs depending on who the photographer is. I am interested in the roles of photographer and model and what this means when one is shooting self-portraiture, especially for women, who are rarely put in the position of looking instead of being looked upon. 

    I have a tendency to work by taking many photographs and analyzing them afterwards to discover what I have learned about myself, my work, those around me, and perhaps, sometimes a greater trend in all people.

    When looking at these photographs the first thing that is apparent to me is the willingness of me to show my body and not as much in my partners case. I think that this may stem from the extent to which females bodies have been explored and exploited through images, which also causes more ease when looking at the nude female body over the males.

    The other important thing is that in my photos the focus is on my body, whereas he always places himself in an elaborate environment. It seems to be more important to men to situate themselves within the world, and more important for women to look inside themselves. 

    I enjoy making double exposures because I think that it puts both photos on the same plane so you can’t separate them and look at them differently.  I also think that it reflects that I feel that we are both equals in our relationship. 

    I hope to continue to elaborate on these ideas.

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